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Professional preservationist. Film to Digital. Video to Digital. Slide, negative, and print scanning. Color services. Digital film restoration.

Nicholas Coyle is a colorist, digital restoration artist, photochemical engineer, film preservationist, film and video transfer technician, and an expert in DCP mastering.

Clients include Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, UCLA, MOMA, Universal, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and many independent filmmakers.

My experience is with the Nucoda Film Master and Davinci Resolve for color grading, and Premiere Pro and FCP for editing.  I have restored countless thousands of feet of film, including color retrieval, color grading, dirt and scratch removal, stabilization, and deflicker with the Nucoda Film Master and Phoenix Restoration.

I graduated with a film degree, and have been working in film preservation and restoration since then.  I developed a lot of knowledge, skills, and a critical eye from working in the preservation industry, and have decided to apply these to post-production for independent filmmakers, artists, students, internet content creators, etc.

My office is set up for (up to) 4K color correction, editing, basic audio services, final mastering, DCP generation, and even screenings.  I even offer supervised services for those who want to sit in on the process.  I am fully 4K capable.  This means that you can have a supervised session and be able to monitor the process with a full 4K preview of your film.