16mm to HD Digital - Prepaid Per Reel

16mm to HD Digital - Prepaid Per Reel

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All transfers are done on the best equipment available. Framing and registration is optimized for each reel. All reels are cleaned and splices repaired. Regular 16mm, single or double perf, Super16, Ultra16, reversal, print, intermediate, or negative formats are all acceptable.


  • Playable DVDs or BluRays for an additional charge in addition to MP4s
  • Uncompressed files instead of MP4s for no additional charge
  • Flat scan for color work
  • Over scan for custom cropping

Basic services include high quality HD MP4 files, unedited.

Premium services include HD MP4s with blank spaces edited out, a digitally cleaned and stabilized image to reduce the effects of dust and jitter, and a basic image correction pass to optimize contrast, exposure, and color balance.

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Basic or Premium:
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