How to Drop Off

Booking an appointment is highly recommended, even for a small project. Please consider doing so. This allows me to interact with you and to go over options and recommendations. Part of my service is intended to include guidance in order to help preserve your family media beyond the digitization process.

However, if you are in need of a quick drop-off option, you can deliver your media directly to my home studio location:

  1. Please fill out an online order form or print one out. Both of these can be found under the heading "Order Forms" above
  2. Drop off address: 3897 W. Grand Ave. Denver, CO 80123 (residential)
  3. Feel free to ring the doorbell or proceed directly to the self-service drop off
  4. The self-service drop off is through the carport and just around the corner. There is a marked wooden table with bins below it, forms and brochures with pricing inside
  5. Place your media in one of the bins with an order form. If you filled one out online, please leave your contact information with your media. You can fill out the contact portion of a new order form if you need to
  6. Leave the bin on top of the table and either send an email or call me to let me know it's there. The drop off is checked every day, but if you let me know as soon as you've dropped it off, I can make sure to prioritize retrieving it