VHS, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, HDV

Video Tape - $20
Short Video Tape (< 30 mins) - $10
PAL or SECAM Tape - $30
Discounts available for volume


Video Restoration - $10 per tape
DVD Extraction - $5
Unfinalized/Unreadable Disc Extraction - $10
Digital to Tape - $30 per tape

Playable Disc Burning

DVD (Gold disc) - $10
BluRay - $12
M-Disc DVD (archival) - $15
M-Disc BluRay (archival) - $20


8mm, Super8, 16mm

8mm or Super8 to High Definition
$0.24 per foot
50 ft reel = $12
Includes basic cleaning, noise reduction, sharpening, and basic color correction.
Volume discounts for large reels

16mm to High Definition

$0.17 per foot
100 ft reel = $17
Includes basic cleaning, noise reduction, sharpening, and basic color correction.
Volume discounts for large reels

Advanced Image Correction - $0.08/ft
Digital Dust and Scratch Removal - $0.15/ft


8mm, Super8, 16mm, Super16, 35mm

Super8 / 8mm
2K - $0.30/ft
4K uprez - $0.40/ft

16mm / Super16
2K - $0.20/ft
4K uprez - $0.30/ft

35mm - via local partner
2K - $0.30/ft
4K native overscan - $0.40/ft


Sound film +$0.10/ft
Best Light Color Correction +$0.08/ft
Basic Restoration +$0.15/ft
Archival Restoration - $90/labor-hour
16mm film-out to internegative and print - $4.5/ft
35mm film-out to internegative and print - $3.5/ft
Add sound to film-out +$0.50/ft
35mm film-out to print only (includes sound) - $0.75/ft


Slides, Negatives, and Prints

Loose Prints - $0.40
Slides - $0.50
Negatives - $0.60
Albums (Layout Intact) - $1/page-side
Discounts available for volume


Oversize Photo - $2/item
Basic Correction +$0.25/image
Photo Restoration - $2/labor-minute
Basic Slideshow (1-1000 images) - $30


Cassettes, Vinyl, Reel to Reel

Cassette - $10
CD Extraction - $2
Vinyl - $20
Reel to Reel - $20 per reel for first hour +$10 per add'l hour
Audio Restoration - $10 per tape/reel

Playable Disc Burning

CD - $5


  • Years of world-class experience preserving and restoring media from archives and museums such as:

    • Center for Southwest Studies

    • MoMA

    • Denver Museum of Nature and Science

    • History Colorado

    • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    • Universal Studios

    • The Smithsonian

    • Eastman Museum

    • Ski and Snowboard Museum

    • UCLA

    • Gates Capital Management

    • Many more…

  • I do not splice your original film. Many services splice your film onto large reels, but I believe in never altering or modifying your originals except to repair or clean.

  • Truly professional equipment. Hand picked to be a step above other transfer services. I only use equipment that is reliable and is known to not damage original material.

  • Independently owned and lovingly operated. This is not a typical "mail-in" service, large corporation, or chain. This is a small, independent and locally owned business with a high-end studio, tons of experience, and I love what I do.

  • Affordable archival quality. My goal is to give you the definitive version of your material that you will never become outdated and won’t break the bank.

  • The "Step-Above" Policy. My prices are designed to give you more for less. For example, I use Gold discs for all of my DVDs, which last longer than standard DVDs and are normally a huge upsell at other transfer services.


Call or text: (720) 663-0122


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Free sample 2K film transfer for non-profits, libraries, museums, and archives. One reel, no more than 400ft

If you have media that has already been digitized at a lower resolution or older equipment, I will upgrade your collection for a discount


12-bit capture, sprocketless, wide dynamic range, full aperture, positive or negative

My 12 bit-depth process results in increased detail in shadows and highlights, as well as increased flexibility in color correction or restoration, allowing for powerful faded film correction (see the example on the right).

HD Consumer services are delivered is HD MP4 via cloud for compatibility and flexibility. Options available for DVD or flash drive. All HD services include basic cleaning, basic color correction, and noise reduction. Options available for correcting faded film and digital restoration.

2K Professional services are available such as flat scanning, overscan, ProRes 4444, DNxHR, TIFF or DPX.

4K uprezzing (2K with 4K post-process) is available as an option for Regular 8mm, Super8, and 16mm, to increase the quality of the final image.

35mm scanning is available at 2K (cropped or overscanned) or 4K native (overscanned). Allow for extra time for 35mm scanning as they are offered through a local partnership.



Time-base correction, sVHS, intermediate codec capture

Time-base correction and professional-level VCRs help ease the effects of problematic and aging tapes.

Default delivery is MP4 files delivered via cloud. Options are available for USB drive delivery, playable Gold DVD, or BluRay for maximum storage capability. Archival M-Discs are available for longer term storage.


Higher-than-average resolution, 48bit TIFF, Custom ICE

Default scanning for slides and negatives is done at 2500 DPI for a balance of usability and archival. Prints are scanned at 600 DPI. Higher resolutions are available.

Each slide or negative is scanned with a custom 48bit HDR process that ensures the full dynamic range of the frame is captured.

Frame-by-frame manual image correction is available as an option.

My own version of Digital ICE is compatible with Kodachrome, allowing for automatic dust reduction without any serious artifacts or loss in dynamic range.