I have generated DCPs for various venues and festivals, and have even had one of my DCPs premiered at an IMAX theater. I am capable of testing all materials using software, but every venue is different, and I encourage each client to contact the venue about their compatibility. Testing the DCPs at the venue before the event is also strongly recommended. Always send a BluRay as a backup.

DCP Generation is charged based on resolution and runtime.
If a project was shot at a framerate that is not 24fps, such as 30fps or 60 fps, it usually needs to be transformed to 24fps, which is an additional fee. Many venues are only compatible with 24 and 25 frames per second, but some are compatible with other frame rates. Contact your venue to find out what their compatibility is if your project uses a rate that is uncommon for DCP compatibility.

I will ask each client to either deliver a drive or send a mastered file via internet delivery. I will perform any and all necessary mastering, preparation, conversion, hard drive formatting, and first-level testing for the prices below. Prices do not include the price of media, but a DCP can be put on any appropriately sized USB 3.0 drive, including thumb drives.

2K DCPs usually require roughly 1Gb per minute of footage. 4K DCPs require about 1.5Gb per minute.

Turnaround time is usually 3-5 days depending on runtime and workload.

Contact me (720) 663-0122 or preservefilmco@gmail.com

2K DCP 4K DCP Student DCP
(2K or 4K)
non-24fps Projects
additional fee
Additional Drives
(per drive)
0-5 minutes $75 $100 $50 +$5 +$20
6-10 minutes $100 $150 $75 +$10 +$20
11-20 minutes $150 $200 $100 +$15 +$20
21-30 minutes $200 $300 $150 +$20 +$50
31-59 minutes $300 $400 $250 +$30 +$50
60-109 minutes $400 $500 $300 +$40 +$50
110+ minutes $500 $600 $350 +$50 +$50