Color Grading services are based on runtime and complexity of the project. My rates are priced for a more flexible schedule. Rush services and hard due dates are negotiable for an additional charge, but is dependent on schedule.

My goal is to provide color services that fit most budgets, as color grading can be debilitatingly expensive for many independent and student films.

Teaching sessions are also available. This is a great way to learn a little color science, correction, and grading.

Contact me (720) 663-0122 or

Student Basic Advanced
0-5 minutes $150 $200 $400
6-10 minutes $250 $300 $600
11-20 minutes $350 $400 $900
21-30 minutes $550 $800 $1500
31-59 minutes $750 $1200 $2400
60-109 minutes $950 $2000 $4000
110+ minutes $1200 $3000 $6000
Supervised Grading Sessions $50 / hour $90 / hour $150 / hour

Student Grading

This is only available for students.  A copy of your student ID is required to take advantage of this package.  It includes both color correction on a shot by shot basis and some basic look creation to make your project stand out with a professional look.

Basic Grading

Includes simple corrections on a shot by shot basis.  This will insure consistency throughout your project, and give your project a very polished look.

Advanced Grading: 

Includes advanced corrections on a shot by shot basis, sophisticated look creation, creative grading, and multiple corrections within each shot (power windows, qualifiers, tracking, etc).  Choose this if you want a very polished, consistent product with its own, distinguished color identity.  Also, this is usually a must if you are mixing formats and/or cameras, or if there are some technical issues with your footage (aliasing, interlacing, wrong settings on camera, artifacting, excessive noise, etc). This tier is necessary when working with any HDR or 3D workflow, or when coloring film scans.