Meeting Your Digitizing Needs

Everyone's needs for media digitization are different, and meeting these needs should always be the #1 priority. However, some people need help realizing what their needs actually are, in part because the options that are available are hard to decipher in this industry.

If you're a perfectionist: You want high quality digital versions of your media, and you want your original media to be handled with respect. What to Expect: Using my extensive experience (professional film preservation, working with film studios and huge archives), I hand select equipment and workflow procedures for quality and gentle operation, and only offer services that I can be proud of. For the price, I firmly believe that I offer the best quality transfers in the entire US, and I am constantly making improvements to remain on the cutting edge.

If you're on a Budget: You are looking for an affordable option, and perhaps you are okay with an option that might not be the highest quality transfer if it means that you will be able to save some money. What to Expect: Most of my services are the same or cheaper than others. Most mail-in services are priced higher on average, for example. However, my policy is always that I offer the same or better quality for the same price or less.

If you're organized: You have a set organizational method that works for you, and you want to carry this method forward into the digital sphere. What to Expect: Unlike other services, I never splice your films together or modify your material beyond cleaning and repair. Each piece of media is labeled with a number, which corresponds to the file name of the digital copy, or the chapter marker on a DVD, ensuring any notes or titles are easily trackable by you.

If you feel rushed: You believe your media is deteriorating, and you simply want a digital version ASAP. What to Expect: The good news is that many formats deteriorate slower than you'd think, especially film. Many services make money by scaring you into thinking that your material must be transferred to a digital format ASAP or be forever lost. Media with magnetic tape, such as video or audio tape, are in the greatest danger for deterioration. Film that smells like vinegar or is obviously warped are in need of immediate attention as well. My professional experience allows a level of communication and advice that you simply will not get from other services, and I will always be up front and honest about the severity of your need to digitize, even if it means it cuts into my profits.

If you're unsure of where to start: You feel as though the industry is confusing and all your options are hard to decipher. What to Expect: My professional preservation experience is unique to the industry, and my services come packaged with extensive communication and advice. If you are unsure of where to start, call, text, or email me with questions before attempting to communicate with too many other services. You will experience a lot of contradictory information from other services, but my experience is an antidote to this. I have spent years restoring and preserving material from movie studios and huge archives, and I've even worked at low-end home movie transfer services. Because I've walked both sides of the line, I can offer services that are both affordable and high quality, and I can help you understand the exact process and options that you have for each media type.


Nick CoyleComment